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wearable painting 3″x6″ cuff bracelet

I near you,
heart naked,
ego laid
on the holy ground
your feet bless,
infinite carpets of gems
appear! Your very being
is a promise
from the Unseen
to the seen realms.
I’m like a child
in your presence,
you are the servant
of Allahu’s Effulgence~

© 2013 Touré Aïda

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handmade cuff bracelet
handmade cuff bracelet

~ Royale ~

Of the dimension
where there’s only giving,
you are,
whirling, light after light,
you enwrap my hand
and we fly~

© 2013 Aïda Touré

Royale” is the new addition to my handmade collection of jewels. This 3″x6″ cuff bracelet has a dark blue velvet backing. If you would like to purchase this cuff bracelet click here.