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The Ego’s Desire to Control

lights~ The Ego’s Desire to Control ~

Love ignites billions of lights,
lo! The desire to control puts them out.
The Sufi seeks to control himself, not others.
The need to control is an inclination of the ego.
Presence, out of Love, knows not to control,
but to nurture with the manna of softness
for it understands the soul’s sacredness,
as well as its divinely-granted free will.
Control is a typical symptom of the creation
in its state of non-refinement and attachment.
Exercising control on others is for those
who claim authority like the clergy,
the politicians, the power-hungry
scholars and the coveters of Gifts.
A Sufi does not claim authority,
her/his existence transpires
with the sweet cosmic Sound
“La ilaha illa Allah,
there is only The Divine One~”
In such a state of abandonment,
how can there be any room for control?
No true saint ever sought
to control other beings,
that’s why souls flock to them,
eager to know the grace of Freedom
their blessed presence offers.
Having tasted the nectar of Surrender,
the holy ones rather seek to break
the chains of control established by men
who misinterpret the Divine Law
through the dust-covered lenses of their ego,
the very root of the world’s chaos
surged from the ego’s desire to control~

© 2013 Aïda Touré

“They have taken their scholars and monks as lords besides Allah…” ~9:31 Qur’an