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Salsabil (the painting)

© 2013 Aïda Touré
Salsabil 40″x30″ oil & acrylic on canvas © 2013 Aïda Touré

completed “Salsabil” during Ramadan, it is a 40″x30″ oil and acrylic painting. After having composed some music that celebrates this theme, I wanted to conceive a painting that expressed what’s most sublime and timeless in us and which manifests as an immeasurable grace in those who have worked to purify their heart, to shed their ego and to live from the abundance that sacred state provides.

Because “Salsabil” relates to a celestial reality that extends to the material realm through whole/holy human beings, it was a pure delight to explore it through this painting.

Salsabil is the seventh piece of the series “Luminous Dark Matter”. To see the entire painting and to read the poem that inspired it please click here.