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ONE WORD written & produced by Tajh Abdulsamad & Aïda Touré

tajh_abdulsamadFrom childhood, an artist whose voice has had a great influence on me is Tajh Abdulsamad, he was part of the Motown recording group “the Boys” in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

Tajh is one of the most spiritual artists I know so when he asked me if he could sing on a composition of mine, I naturally felt inclined to say yes; I was so curious to discover what he would hear in the composition as well as the way he would lay his vocals on it…

When Tajh let me hear “One Word” the-boys- for the first time I was blown away because his singing on it was so heartfelt and enchanting, it  had the sacred vibe I had hoped for so I was profoundly touched. I then learned a great lesson on creative synergy, the reality of frequency and on how honoring one’s soul matters most…

It was an immense pleasure for me to collaborate with an artist who has influenced me for so many years, thank you Tajh. You may listen to “One Word” below.

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Qiyam al Layl Revelries


~ Qiyam al Layl Revelries ~

With every word recited
our minds meld,
making colors
in the night air;
palms filled with Love,
let us expand in what comes:
secrets in pastel blue
then, in helios purple,
look at this new spectrum
in the subtle worlds
our dreams have triggered!
Here, our souls’ balm:
a thousand prostrations’ elixir
to taste; in just one drop,
an exquisite healing
in two drawing closer
to Al Jami, the Gatherer.
Now my inner breeze:
“you, so beautiful,
so free, so precious
like the golden lotus
laid upon my pulse,
surround me ’til we dissolve;
stay to see all fears drown
in the lagoon angels formed
when I first beheld the fractals
of our intertwined hearts.”

© 2013 Aïda Touré

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Before the Manifestation of Beauty

my favorite things

What I love the most about Art is the spirit of complete Surrender it awakens in one~ No matter how appealing to the senses the external world seems, it pales in comparison to the high degree of Beauty creativity exposes one to…. this process tames the ego’s tendency to be lured by superficiality~

Creativity orchestrates moments during which the false ego gently bends until it breaks, it makes way for the majestic soul which pushes one to be deeply quiet and to listen and to let the spark-Soul be… there is such Beauty that surges from this mysterious state, the artist’s final work we see is only a fragment of this untold Beauty which is expansive, unfathomable and divine.

Let us embrace whatever dissolves the ego, the separator from the All~ness of life. Once the distracting ego is bent before the manifestation of Beauty, we do observe the new gained suppleness of the mind, the gentle flow of pure kindness it gives off in compassion to all life. Externally this is expressed too in varied ways, through the grace of anyone who has been subjected to such a rare experience which softens one to a degree that is beyond imagination.

On this note, I just completed a new 40″x30″ painting which marks the end of a phase for me, I intend to release this new art piece soon inshAllah… All praise is due to The Bestower of Beauty!

© 2013 Aïda Touré