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Qiyam al Layl Revelries


~ Qiyam al Layl Revelries ~

With every word recited
our minds meld,
making colors
in the night air;
palms filled with Love,
let us expand in what comes:
secrets in pastel blue
then, in helios purple,
look at this new spectrum
in the subtle worlds
our dreams have triggered!
Here, our souls’ balm:
a thousand prostrations’ elixir
to taste; in just one drop,
an exquisite healing
in two drawing closer
to Al Jami, the Gatherer.
Now my inner breeze:
“you, so beautiful,
so free, so precious
like the golden lotus
laid upon my pulse,
surround me ’til we dissolve;
stay to see all fears drown
in the lagoon angels formed
when I first beheld the fractals
of our intertwined hearts.”

© 2013 Aïda Touré


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