Supreme Sustenance

sustenance2Prayer is conducive to our primordial state of being and when awakened to it, life becomes ecstatic and what a blessing when this occurs! Some of us have a highly meditative disposition which draws one to find fulfillment through focus on inner life primarily.  The external world is perceived more as a distraction for such beings who are inclined to stillness and silence.

Beyond all material needs, beyond social standards of “success” the only authentic wealth is in the soul~ Therefore in order to experience it, we must tune in to the Source of the soul which is Al Nur, the Light and once awakened anew to that Reality, our Jihad is to preserve it in us and express it in a world that has such oppressive demands. This spiritual preservation of one’s inner light is what meditation and fasting facilitate as they gently activate our awareness to supreme sustenance.

The Jihad/struggle to cultivate a surrendered soul, rich with Love is the foundation for complete fulfillment in life and beyond for without it whatever we acquire in this world is meaningless, cumbersome because we are ever returning to the Unseen~ If the soul is fine and fully aligned with the Beloved’s Divine Principles, it is the ultimate form of security and inshAllah whatever such a soul needs to fulfill its purpose will be provided for…

© 2014 Aïda Touré


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