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A Fragrance from Paradise

wisteria-dervishes~ A Fragrance from Paradise ~

Being a mystic is a temperament,
it cannot be taught nor learned
it is inherent to the soul
like a fragrance from Paradise
one cannot help to wear.
When such grace manifests
in the material world,
tremendous beauty arises,
anyone who sees it
ends up surrendering:
“la ilaha illa Allah,
there is no reality but Allah!”

escapes from their lips~
Through the presence of mystics,
blessings abound and flow,
ecstatically merging with matter,
polishing it from inside,
turning it into myriads of lights
’til they return to their Source~
For now, let us revel in
this expansive divine love
that invades the poet’s heart!

© 2014 Aïda Touré


3 thoughts on “A Fragrance from Paradise

  1. Reblogged this on Visual Sufi Poetry and commented:

    I’m sharing this post anew to honor the soul of my friend Maya Chae who transited to the Unseen on March 7th 2015. I met Maya on facebook, she had a peculiar sense of aesthetics that moved me so we became friends… Maya had a subtle presence, free-spirited, she was an artist, kind, humorous, always generous in sharing other artists’ works including mine. The last message she sent me was a smiley face. Rest in Plenitude Maya~

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