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Invitation to the Exhibit “Luminous Dark Matter” by Aïda Touré

You are cordially invited to the opening reception of Aïda Touré’s exhibit
starting 3-6:00pm, Sunday February 8th, 2015 at
Rio II Gallery,
583 Riverside Drive, 7th Floor New York, NY 10031
(corner of 135th street)
Luminous Dark Matter exhibit february 8th-february 28th
Luminous Dark Matter exhibit february 8th-february 28th

Aïda Touré: Luminous Dark Matter

February 8th – February 28th 2015

In celebration of Black History Month, Rio II Gallery is pleased to present the exhibit “Luminous Dark Matter” by Gabonese Malian artist Aïda Touré. This will be her second New York solo show (curated by Jose Reyes) since her exhibit “Inner Treasures” at Rio Penthouse Gallery in 2011. The opening reception is on Sunday February 8th, 3-6pm.

The “Luminous Dark Matter” exhibit comprises the series of the same title by the artist as well as abstract paintings inspired by her Sufi poetry. “Luminous Dark Matter” evokes the Unity of all as the series explores the sublime origin of mankind through the portrayal of Black women in ancient historical contexts.

The art works of Aïda Touré are renowned for their exuberance which celebrates the Sufi tradition. Her exalting paintings are in private and public art collections internationally.

Aïda Touré was born in Gabon, she published three books of Sufi poetry whose imagery suddenly inspired her to start painting.

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Healing Music

Music has always been a quintessential part of my journey… I’m always on a quest for exquisite musical experiences and when I find any, I love to share it as such Music can trigger such lightness of being while it nurtures our spiritual centers~


This Sacred Being of Yours

Traditional Nubian archway in Dongola, Sudan

What we expose our mind to transforms our being, our body, our emotions, our spiritual centers and even our frequency so let us be selective of what we internalize through our senses because we become it~ This is the reason why much can be known about a person from her/his facial expressions, our inner life is reflected on our face, our body, our gestures, our gaze. Seek harmonious experiences that enrich you and that denote balance, have discernment in the process for this sacred being of yours is a precious space, a corridor to what’s infinite and divine. © 2015 Aïda Touré

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Dervisha © 2008 Aida Toure
Dervisha details © 2008 Aida Toure

The poem below inspired this highly detailed painting Dervisha. If you are interested in purchasing this framed original painting, contact me.

~ Dervisha ~

I met your pure eyes
and I became myself,
your sight behind mine
looking at lights’ dance.

With such remote music
lingering on that close,
the human heart softens.

Look at my new weakness,
it’s crawling by your feet!

Being is that vast union,
that grace, that quietness.

Some secret Conversation
curls around us like locks
around Prophets’ earlobes.

Bless me, make speech go!
How many more will join

this love-community
of generous ears inside?
Let us beg them my love:

“Be true beingness.
realize your exuberance,
embrace the Essence and
watch all generous hearts
become your companions.
Remember in one, many!
Strive to be vulnerable,
touch the grace of femininity,
drown in the empty,
swim that deeply,
know Surrender;
fight to be that weak
so you can sense
what true strength is.

Then we fall back within,
inertia buoyantly begins
for the Sky leaps in …
Lo, we all are feminine!”

2007 © Aïda Touré

(excerpt from Nocturnal Light: Sufi Poems)

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