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My Night Sky


~ My Night Sky ~

Wide open like the Majesty
your soul bursted out of,
you are my Night Sky,
setting all my inner worlds in motion,
turning my lonely into pastel glows
my eyes had yet to behold~

You are my Night Sky,
my tender quietude
in a tangible form,
you cover me as
I pick up the gems of
Bliss that took form
in this dimension~

Softness upon subtlety,
knowing all healing occurs
through ego-shedding,
let us shed our selves now!
My hand tucked in yours,
we are each other I’s,
will you unroll our prayer mats
and lead us to The Divine One~

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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A Purple Delight


~ A Purple Delight ~

La ilaha illa Allah
… your thoughts are a gift to me,
wrapped in a Purple delight
that unfolds of itself
in the sensitive Heart
now overwhelmed by
the mirroring of its own Love
it thought delicately concealed
in the Orange Silence
that precedes all
divine discoveries~

© 2015 Aïda Touré

Spiritual Art

A Fragrance from Paradise

Maya Chae (1973-2015)

I’m sharing my poem “A Fragrance from Paradise” anew to pay homage to the soul of my friend Maya Chae who transited to the Unseen on March 7th 2015. I met Maya on facebook. Through her work it was obvious that she had a spiritual, deep sense of aesthetics that moved me so we became friends… Maya had a subtle presence, free-spirited, she was an artist, kind, humorous, always generous in sharing other artists’ works including mine. The last message she sent me was a smiley face. Rest in Plenitude Maya~

wisteria-dervishes~ A Fragrance from Paradise ~

Being a mystic is a temperament,
it cannot be taught nor learned
it is inherent to the soul
like a fragrance from Paradise
one cannot help to wear.
When such grace manifests
in the material world,
tremendous beauty arises,
anyone who sees it
ends up surrendering:
“la ilaha illa Allah,
there is no reality but Allah!”

escapes from their lips~
Through the presence of mystics,
blessings abound and flow,
ecstatically merging with matter,
polishing it from inside,
turning it into myriads of lights
’til they return to their Source~
For now, let us revel in
this expansive divine love
that invades the poet’s heart!

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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Be a Constant Wide Opening

Haute Court, Chandigarh, India by Chen Yen-Chi
Haute Court, Chandigarh, India by Chen Yen-Chi

It’s strange how time binds and unbinds people, how it reinforces or breaks bonds as if we were but mere instruments for profound love or total indifference; we are helpless servants of closeness or distance actualized for the mysterious purpose of it all~

Momentarily occupying space and then laying way for some deeper fulfillment to take place, we come forward in and retreat from others’ lives, like life itself we subconsciously expand and contract, depending on the current greater need…

It’s a secret dance of union and separation, of joy and sadness, of longing and fulfillment; it’s a devotional exchange whose constant beneficiary is the soul. Thus my dear, with grace learn to let go and to let be and prepare for the awakening in your next function, be a constant wide opening just like this~

© 2015 Aïda Touré