Healing from Anger


The connected one is refined, warm, compassionate, gentle and loving~ Most people are naturally drawn to such a being because s/he exemplifies the soul’s inherent attributes which are divine~ In contradiction those who emanate violent, coarse energy are usually careless in their acts that mostly are ego-driven; their indifference is a symptom of spiritual disconnection. Those are the most hurt and subconsciously attract experiences that stir their anger until they become fully aware of it and work on themselves to dissolve all their negative energy for anger is destructive and poisonous for self first and others~ One of the best ways to dissipate anger and to reconnect to one’s soul is to meditate, to commune with Nature and to learn to patiently listen instead of impulsively talking; these endeavors lessen the ego and allow space for one’s inherent healing properties to be activated and to spread wherever Love is lacking~ inshAllah.

© 2015 Aïda Touré


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