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~ Awliya ~

soul pulled to the Light,
their desires crawling
at the prophets’ feet,
they kiss their footprints,
ego subdued and tamed
by the torrents of Love;
torn open and elated,
in tune with the Qur’an,
they long for the divine gaze
upon their cloaked selves~
Their poverty has brought them
authentic wealth,
soul-breath echoing Hu,
they now disappear at will,
riding the sonar tides of Bliss
flowing and ebbing within~
The light caresses their cheeks
with its pre-cosmic Music
and they sob for days!
Only true lovers know
the meaning of what
was just said!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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Of Ablution

photo credit © Alex Newman

~ Of Ablution ~

My love, each step you take
into entering a Mosque
is a sacred journey
that prepares you
to enter the Mosque
of your own self~
When you step inside
the House of the Beloved
you learn to turn inward~
Say: “Bismillah!
Every gesture,
every movement you make
draws the presence near;
therefore, you must strive
to cultivate Harmony
before you intend to pray~
Prayer tears up the veil
between you and your Source,
it washes yourself of separation
through the blessings of Ablution.
A Mosque simply mirrors
every cell within you!
You are a sacred space,
a receptacle of Effulgence.
Precious one, know yourself
so that you may know your Lord~

© 2015 Aïda Touré