Al Wadud: the Secret of Secrets

Al Wadud the Secret of Secrets. 8"x10" oil & acrylic on canvas

Al Wadud the Secret of Secrets. 8″x10″ oil & acrylic on canvas

Speaking of Love, I released my new small painting entitled Al Wadud: the Secret of Secrets. Al Wadud, meaning The Most Affectionate, is one of the beautiful names of the Beloved. In order to celebrate the Divine’s Attributes we have yet to fully manifest in our dimension, I’m in the process of making more small paintings with the divine names as sole subjects of the piece. You may read more about this new 8″x10″ oil & acrylic painting here… if interested in acquiring it, please fill out this form to contact me.

~ Al Wadud: The Secret of Secrets ~

‘…In a natural move
of collapse into Your Grace,

all atoms bow to You’
the cosmic pulse says,
our letting go of self
to become immersed in You
is the soul’s intimate Way.’

© 2015 Aïda Touré


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Filed under Contemporary Islamic Art, Islam, Spiritual Art

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