Caress of Nur


~ Caress of Nur ~

when I interact with you
it’s truly you that I see,
not the external things
that envelop your form
like your hair, your skin,
your age, your clothing,
I see you, your inner being;
its spark, its triumphs,
its struggle to still rise
amid the layers of illusion
that make up this earthly life~
When you speak with me,
it’s you that I hear,
not the verbosity that counts
in this superficial society,
I listen from inside you
and feel your pulse
that calls your attention
to your self-sabotage patterns,
I see your kindness sometimes
eroded by your ego’s cruelty~
My dear, our peripheral synch
was for the effect of Mirroring
so you could visualize
how you are in the way
of your own Grace.
Between this Caress of Nur*
and its divine workings,
rub this Love balm
upon your breathing
and break wide open as
your function has done
for hundreds of wo/men!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

* “Nur” in Arabic means “Light”.

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