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The Most Subtle (Painting)

Al Latif 8″x10″ oil & acrylic on canvas © 2015 Aïda Touré

I completed this small painting “Al Latif: The Most Subtle” that evokes a highly spiritual attribute that is inherent to the soul. Subtlety is the very quality that is found in all spiritually awakened ones. This attribute brings healing, solace and lightness of being to self and to those who come across the recipient of this grace. Read amore about this painting here. Below is the poem that accompanies the painting.

~ The Most Subtle ~

O effusive Light
that fashions our becoming,
we read Your vertical signs
with the sun and the moon in chorus,
we praise You in infinite ways!
O You who are not exhausted
by Your Attributes
as You pervade
the black holes
of the Heart that
relentlessly contemplates
on you; expanding, giving,
throbbing with anticipation
of being in the gentleness
of Your Presence anew!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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Love’s Unconditionality


~ Love’s Unconditonality ~

There is grace in relinquishing
what does not belong to us.
Letting go for a deeper purpose
implies preparing oneself
for some deeper fulfillment;
in everything there is a gift,
even in the heart broken in pieces,
there is Love’s unconditionality
sowing its infinitesimal seeds
as it chants:
“Let me BE!
In my octave there must be fluidity only,
all these irreverent attempts
to imprison the sacred
are the surest way to lose me.

I say let me BE!”
You see, Consciousness is supreme
and as such it reigns macro-royally~
The act of dissolving to allow space
for that which is greater is what
the soul, in its deep wisdom,
does best and we must follow~
This is Surrender: Islam by excellence!

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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True Triumphant Beauty


Love is an Art which is divine. Through creativity I learned that expansion occurs naturally when our higher self is nurtured, honored and loved… from there, our innate qualities unfold and spread their fragrance for all, defeating fear, greed, ill intentions and negativity; this is the quintessence of true triumphant Beauty.

The process of receiving such Grace is filled with long pauses before and during activity so the ability to understand balance between being still and acting out of that intensity at the appropriate moment is gained. It takes tremendous patience and humility to develop this degree of service to the Beloved where the ego is annihilated through endeavors so that solely the Majesty of the Divine reigns supreme during the process: this is the dimension of Love we must allow more room for as its cosmic purpose is to be fulfilled for the collectivity’s evolution.

© 2016 Aïda Touré