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Love’s Unconditionality


~ Love’s Unconditonality ~

There is grace in relinquishing
what does not belong to us.
Letting go for a deeper purpose
implies preparing oneself
for some deeper fulfillment;
in everything there is a gift,
even in the heart broken in pieces,
there is Love’s unconditionality
sowing its infinitesimal seeds
as it chants:
“Let me BE!
In my octave there must be fluidity only,
all these irreverent attempts
to imprison the sacred
are the surest way to lose me.

I say let me BE!”
You see, Consciousness is supreme
and as such it reigns macro-royally~
The act of dissolving to allow space
for that which is greater is what
the soul, in its deep wisdom,
does best and we must follow~
This is Surrender: Islam by excellence!

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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