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She: 1007 Lifetimes


~ She: 1007 Lifetimes ~

She was so otherworldly
she just wanted to be touched by
the Yin sense in your Yang;
your guidance, your patience,
your tenderness, your true self,
your soul’s feel on the Deen,
your molding her, your teaching her,
your luxurious silence,
the solace between pauses
for Sorbet scents~
She, she, she longed to hear
the Music in each of your steps
toward the Divine Beloved!
In the octaves, ego is veiled from,
she is your sacred state
from inside manifested,
your lost Poetry found again;
she would have embraced you
for a 1007 lifetimes,
serving the master in you
she owed her every surrender to…
had you held her hand~
With such a beautiful Love
returned to its Source,
distance becomes holy.

© 2016 Aïda Touré


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