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Meanders of Obscurity

Photo © Yang Tee Mon

~ Meanders of Obscurity ~

Bismillah, know that
adversity polishes you,
it brings you at the feet
of the Beloved in a way
that shatters your false self.
Be patient my love,
your light unravels best
in the meanders of obscurity.

© 2016  Aïda Touré

Spirituality · Sufi Poetry · Sufism · Tasawwuf

To Run to a Sacred Love


My dearest one,
we learn to attach
so many conditions
to Love that when

a rare deeper Love
appears, we are lost;
not knowing what to do
with the gift since

its value is beyond all
the common, limiting
considerations we are
accustomed to; whereas Love

by its very nature expands
and thus surprises,
so how can we enjoy
its abundant virtues

if patience is absent?
The Divine grows Love
like a seed planted
with devotion in the

fertile grounds of
a disinterested Heart
that trusts what may come.
Blessed is the one

who, by wisdom, learns
to run to a sacred Love
instead of running
away from it~

© 2016 Aïda Touré