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Open Wide Another Soul


~ Open Wide Another Soul ~

Everyone has a higher self,
the breath of the Divine
subtly flowing through them,
do we honor this magnificence
and give our attention to it
instead of dwelling
on faults and mistakes?
By focusing on the best within,
we help the other to awaken
to their pulsating Essence
as well as its expression.
Is your love deep enough
to open wide another soul
while conditioning stifled it?
That would be true selfless love
for the sake of Al-Ahad.

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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Innermost Conversation


From your lips
to my ears, soft winds
alternate, circulate
then elated, they say:

“my love, we are mixed.
You are honey
I am milk, both
stirring in a bowl,

we feed the poor
inside, the noble
inquirer who longs
for His Paradise.”

(Poem excerpt from Nocturnal Light)

© 2003 Aïda Touré