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~ Purpose ~

Uncover your Purpose,
it will allow you
to explore the depths
of your soul in ways
that free you and
uplift others~

© 2016 Aïda Touré


6 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Salam Maalik, as Imam Ali (as) said: “listen, and you will teach yourself.” Our purpose is innate, one uncovers it through various means willed by the Divine One~ For some it’s revealed through life’s circumstances which oftentimes involve the cleansing effect of suffering, for others it may come smoothly through gifts that they’re aware of or it sometimes requires stillness so one learns to connect through meditation to one’s divine spark the carrier of missions, attributes, guidance, gifts…

  2. Oh yes, there are different aspects of the human, the soul is only one, therefore purpose is not confined to the soul. Purpose is a collective endeavor, the soul only participates based on its attributes. A person’s purpose and abilities can be inclusive of functions that the soul does not have.

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