Umanifest PoemsMay the peace, mercy and blessings of The Divine be with you.

My name is Aïda Touré, a Malian/Gabonese poet painter composer currently located in the New York area. I’m the author of three books of poetry: Unmanifest Poems, The Sublime Sphere and Nocturnal Light. In 2005, while reading a poem from Nocturnal Light, I got submerged with inner images of immense beauty so suddenly I picked up paint brushes, paint tubes and I transcribed these impressions upon canvas… Because the paintings literally leaped out of the Sufi poems I compose, I ended up calling my art work Visual Sufi Poetry.

The Sublime SphereThrough my websites, many people have asked where they could view my paintings live, which drove me to consider exhibiting them, although reluctantly for this reason. Since, I have been featured in a textbook published in the US & Canada, in magazines internationally and I have had exhibitions in Gabon, France and the US.

As an artist whose works evoke the primordial place of spirituality in our journey, my wish is to see such art presented and celebrated in integrity with its true spiritual (Islam) and cultural (African) contexts honored, without any of the alien usual requirements to be “diluted” or presented  as anything other than what the source of this art truly is.

Nocturnal Light: Sufi poems

Contemporary Sufi expressions are currently manifesting in a rich spectrum with styles as vast as the different world cultures Muslim artists evolve in. Such art is music to the eyes, it pulls us with its surprisingly secret yet universal language, it is a corridor to the spiritual splendor inherent to Islam. From immemorial time, this tradition of Light has contributed to the advancement of our world’s civilizations; it has always existed and continues to expand with the same spiritual richness, refinement and wisdom… la ilaha illa Allah.

On the Visual Sufi Poetry blog, I’ll share my thoughts about the many octaves of Surrender/Islam, life, creativity, universal culture, arts and how they interplay to constantly shape us into becoming…



all rights reserved © 2007-2016 Aïda Touré.

Praise be to Allah who guided us towards this felicity. Had it not been for His guidance, we certainly would have wandered aimlessly. (~Qu’ran 7, 43).


17 thoughts on “about

  1. Asalaamu alaikum.

    Your art and writings are amazing, mashaAllah. Have you considered joining the Islamic Artists Society (http://islamicartists.wordpress.com) to network with other like-minded Muslims artists? If you would like to talk about it at all, please feel free to email me inshaAllah.

  2. as salamuwaalay kum o ramatullah he barakatu hu

    Such a blog could express the soul that has been brought up in the rays of noor-un ala-noor Hazrat Muhammad(s)….

  3. Salams, brethren.

    Hey Aida, my name is Taufiq.

    What a colourful sea of words and art I have unearthed in the cyber-earth. Kudos and solicitations from a miserable (but happy) sinner.

    It is nice to find and African taste in the melting pot of Ahad and Ahmad.

    With your permission I would like to link to your works. There can never be enough glorifications of God, praises for the Prophet and unending party with the wine of love up till the break of dawn.

    Ya Huuuu!

    May Allah bless those who see Love as the Governing Light…


  4. Amin. Malaikum Salam Brother Taufiq, thanks for sharing your impressions, al hamdulillah il rabil alamin. Do feel free to link to Visual Sufi Poetry’s expressions… I visited your blog as well, I liked its colors. 🙂

  5. Salams, Aida

    Thank you indeed! I have posted a link already. It is a Tuesday morning here in Malaysia, and I am dead sleepy, but Diumbi is up shining its light indiscriminately all over the place. He is saying… go to work, Taufiq!

    Hehehe. Like His servant, God is indiscriminating in His Love, no?


  6. When there is nothing left to burn I started burning my self ! Now I’m a profound silence! Love it Aïda Touré 🙂

  7. Salaam Aïda,
    MashAllah what beautiful words and images … May Allah bless you with much more in this world and the hereafter … all the best … much love and prayers

  8. Assalamu ‘alaikum,
    I have just found this blog and I am enjoying it already. Your poetry brings me closer to The One and so I am grateful to Him that He has led me to this blog.

    May Allah bless us all both in dunya and akhira.

  9. Walaikum salam Sanjida, & welcome here. I’m humbled to read how you feel about this poetry, al hamdulillah il rabil alamin! May Allah (swt) bless you even more, amin~

  10. Your words, images, and blog are beautiful and I look forward to following. You also seem to be deeply thoughtful which is a delight and something I feel I can sometimes relate t, although I can be a bit impulsive.

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