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The Most Subtle (Painting)

Al Latif 8″x10″ oil & acrylic on canvas © 2015 Aïda Touré

I completed this small painting “Al Latif: The Most Subtle” that evokes a highly spiritual attribute that is inherent to the soul. Subtlety is the very quality that is found in all spiritually awakened ones. This attribute brings healing, solace and lightness of being to self and to those who come across the recipient of this grace. Read amore about this painting here. Below is the poem that accompanies the painting.

~ The Most Subtle ~

O effusive Light
that fashions our becoming,
we read Your vertical signs
with the sun and the moon in chorus,
we praise You in infinite ways!
O You who are not exhausted
by Your Attributes
as You pervade
the black holes
of the Heart that
relentlessly contemplates
on you; expanding, giving,
throbbing with anticipation
of being in the gentleness
of Your Presence anew!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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Al Wadud: the Secret of Secrets

Al Wadud the Secret of Secrets. 8"x10" oil & acrylic on canvas
Al Wadud the Secret of Secrets. 8″x10″ oil & acrylic on canvas

Speaking of Love, I released my new small painting entitled Al Wadud: the Secret of Secrets. Al Wadud, meaning The Most Affectionate, is one of the beautiful names of the Beloved. In order to celebrate the Divine’s Attributes we have yet to fully manifest in our dimension, I’m in the process of making more small paintings with the divine names as sole subjects of the piece. You may read more about this new 8″x10″ oil & acrylic painting here… if interested in acquiring it, please fill out this form to contact me.

~ Al Wadud: The Secret of Secrets ~

‘…In a natural move
of collapse into Your Grace,

all atoms bow to You’
the cosmic pulse says,
our letting go of self
to become immersed in You
is the soul’s intimate Way.’

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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The Prophets’ Gathering (14″x18″ painting)

The Prophets' gathering
The Prophets’ Gathering 14″x18″ acrylic on canvas panel © 2006

The Prophets’ Gathering is one of those paintings I worked on with great joy~ It was inspired by the profound awe I felt toward the Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Miraj/Ascension, the nightly journey through which he met the other prophets (as) of Divine One and prayed with them. This theme is one of my favorite ones because it evokes the Oneness of all prophets (as). Below is the poem that offered this painting.

~ The Prophets’ Gathering ~

The breath of Allah (swt) in you,
your heart swells with Love,
whirling in seven directions
to attune its own chords
to the cosmic flute-playing
Ruh (as) echoes through
everything like this:
Welcome to ourselves!
This is the sign of the Return!
I, broken loose to those words,
gesture in orange-silver like
the night sky that witnesses
the nocturnal gatherings
of prophets (as) and saints.
After this, no more station of being…

© 2006 Aïda Touré

The Prophets' Gathering
The Prophets’ Gathering 14″x18″ acrylic on canvas panel © 2006
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Dervisha © 2008 Aida Toure
Dervisha details © 2008 Aida Toure

The poem below inspired this highly detailed painting Dervisha. If you are interested in purchasing this framed original painting, contact me.

~ Dervisha ~

I met your pure eyes
and I became myself,
your sight behind mine
looking at lights’ dance.

With such remote music
lingering on that close,
the human heart softens.

Look at my new weakness,
it’s crawling by your feet!

Being is that vast union,
that grace, that quietness.

Some secret Conversation
curls around us like locks
around Prophets’ earlobes.

Bless me, make speech go!
How many more will join

this love-community
of generous ears inside?
Let us beg them my love:

“Be true beingness.
realize your exuberance,
embrace the Essence and
watch all generous hearts
become your companions.
Remember in one, many!
Strive to be vulnerable,
touch the grace of femininity,
drown in the empty,
swim that deeply,
know Surrender;
fight to be that weak
so you can sense
what true strength is.

Then we fall back within,
inertia buoyantly begins
for the Sky leaps in …
Lo, we all are feminine!”

2007 © Aïda Touré

(excerpt from Nocturnal Light: Sufi Poems)

Read more about this painting.


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Only Hu~ Jewel

“Only Hu” 6″x3″ cuff bracelet with pink velvet backing

From the splendid Islamic civilization of my father’s land Mali, I was inspired to conceive these jewels, all hand-made and hand-painted, they actually are miniature versions of my paintings in the form of cuff bracelets. I spend much time working on these unique art pieces simply because the experience of Beauty is such a source of joy for me, it is in this spirit that I aspire to share it.

This wearable painting is available for purchase here.

The Beloved’s name~
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Reimmersing: “Upon the Spheres’ Lips”

Upon the Spheres' Lips © 2007 Aïda Touré
Upon the Spheres’ Lips © 2007 Aïda Touré

I have pleasantly been going through pictures of paintings I worked on a few yeas ago so I was reminded of specific lessons learned while working on them.

“Upon the Spheres’ Lips” is one of those paintings I worked on meticulously, I was just learning to apply details in unique ways at a time when I discovered new nuances to my creative process which kept me awake for nights, working on the canvas, exploring new facets of my artistic voice.

“Upon the Spheres’ Lips” is about consciously drawing closer to the Divine, reveling in the unfolding proximity, a slow gentle yet intense process which is compared on this painting to the movements of the Spheres, considered the ultimate reflection of Surrender/Islam. Striving to mirror the spheres’ harmony with the Divine Law introduces the human soul to great beauty… read more here.

The original painting “Upon the Spheres’ Lips” is currently exhibited in the US ambassador’s residence in Paris. You may order prints of this piece here.

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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In Praise of The Beloved…

Touré at work on "The Milky Way's Savants"
Touré at work on “The Milky Way’s Savants”

“The act of painting has been unexpected for me. Just like the composition of my poetry, it suddenly happened after a period of retreat… Having had no conventional training, it is through the luminous corridor of Islamic tradition and my Malian~Gabonese cultures that my pens and paint brushes wander in praise of The Beloved.”
~Aïda Touré (excerpt of “statement”)

(More about the painting “The Milky Way’s Savants” here.)

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Nothing Other than You

Nothing Other than You - jewel by Aïda Touré
Nothing Other than You – jewel by Aïda Touré

~Nothing Other than You~

There are infinite ways
to near the Beloved,
bead after bead
revolving like micro spheres
in reverence,
the heart tears open,
leaning toward Hu
and we lose our selves:
“there is nothing other than You!”

© 2010 Aïda Touré

Collectible & unique wearable painting, all hand-made & hand-painted cuff bracelet by Aïda Touré.

See more of cuff bracelet here.

jewel details
jewel details
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Original Paintings Available

Peace~ Twice a year I render a few of my original paintings available for sale on the e-store. I also recently started to make canvas prints with ornaments reworked by hand so each reproduced piece is unique. Feel free to share with anyone who would be interested. Thank you for supporting spiritual art~

14″x18″ acrylic on canvas panel

The Prophets’ Footprints © 2007 7 Aida Toure

18″x24″ acrylic on canvas panel

Zuhrtime Beads © 2008 Aida Toure
Zuhrtime Beads © 2008 Aida Toure

16″x20″ acrylic on canvas panel

The Luminous, the Coveted © 2008 Aida Toure

18″x24″ acrylic on canvas panel framed.

Fragrance of Light © 2008 Aida Toure
Fragrance of Light © 2008 Aida Toure

18″x24″ acrylic on canvas panel framed

Dervisha © 2008 Aida Toure
Dervisha © 2008 Aida Toure
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Calligraphy in Nature: La Fraise

In a pack of strawberries I found this one calligraphic strawberry that was shaped in what looks like Allah (swt) spelled in Arabic. Soon as I saw it, it struck me and my mind just lit up! Placed in front of one of my paintings, I took a few photographs of it. I wondered what other people would see in the shape of this strawberry so I decided to share the picture~

Calligraphic Strawberry © 2012 Toure Aida

“We will show them Our signs in the universe and in their own selves, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the truth.” ~Qur’an 41:53

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Prelude to Majesty (the painting)

Peace all ways~ I just published one of my newest 40″x30″ paintings “Prelude to Majesty”. I was exposed to fascinating scenes while working on it. The creative process of this painting inwardly took me back to my land Mali with its Sufi saints from past centuries whose erudition has given rise to wonders to this day. “Prelude to Majesty” can be viewed here. The verses below are extracted from its poem of the same title:

“Do you see the veil lifting? 
Love speaks with no mouth,
we are interwoven with the signs
laid around us like sublime kisses…” 

(read more)

working on Prelude to Majesty © 2012 Aida Toure
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Night of Beauties (the painting)

"Night of Beauties" © 2011 Aida Toure

For a change I went to sleep early this evening so I could wake up at 2am and stay up until Fajr and make the most of the Night.

Al hamdulillah, I just completed Night of Beauties that I’m really grateful for. For some reason once I achieve a piece it’s like been given permission to vanish and dissolve in Peace. This painting has a particularity I hold dear because it developed during Nighttime only, which is truly the time for the prostrated…

I did this painting for a private collector, it is an 18″x24″ size so I worked on it for about seven weeks, which seems not like a lot compared to the new 30″x40″ size I’ve been working on and which requires months to complete. I must say that patience is primordial when it comes to the oil medium, it’s great because it allows time to see the painting unfold and to gear it in the direction that resonates best.

There are so many ways to explain Night of Beauties that I can’t even begin to do so because its symbolic that has to do with embodiment as well as the spacial envelope around all inclines me to Silence for now. To see the entire painting and the poem that inspired it, you may click here.

© 2011 Aida Toure

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Jewelry Line~Wearable Paintings

Peace & Bliss, for months I have been working on a new form of art derived from my traditional visual Sufi poems. I wanted to make smaller-sized pieces yet I also had a peculiar approach… While still being collectible, I also wanted these pieces to be wearable so I came up with this jewel~painting concept. At first I did one bracelet, and I thought the creative process with the use of new materials was so interesting and inspiring that I finally decided to make more because during exhibits ladies always ask me for smaller pieces.

I’m pleased to announce that the first collection of paintings-bracelets will soon be available through I’m still working on my traditional paintings that I’ll render viewable through so everyone subscribe to the feed.

I have found that the more I explore the purpose of Art, the more I find it mysterious and fulfilling at the same time because it involves self-dissolving which is a spiritual process always~

The mystics’ temperament inclines them toward inner activity: prayer~meditation because it dissolves them in the Nameless, this phenomenon is wildly peaceful, beautiful and unpredictable as well, it is beyond expression, words can’t touch it… that octave of meditation is but a state of being, it plunges one in silence as a way of sustenance and then whatever we do shows glimpses of that inner state… which is our collective soul state, everyone can access it as we all are spiritual representatives of Hu!

All praise is due to The Divine One.

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Art is Bliss’ Remnants

Al hamdulillah il rabil al Amin, Art is a quiet revering of The Hidden… through the intimacy of creativity, we trace the unknown yet the nearest, wholeheartedly, without any condition nor any usual man-made boundary, we celebrate The Most Sublime who left imprints of Herself/Himself through our breath. Art reveals itself to adorn the journey of the spiritually aware, the humble seekers, the refined lovers; those ones who have learned to vanish and re~appear through the Veil woven between matter and pure spirit… Art is the soul’s whisper relating of the glimpses it captures amid its immersion in Hu, Art is that sacred! The experience of such luxurious frenzy is for those who no longer have anything to say after some tender, unexpected Visit left them amazed! Those silenced ones who exist eyes and ears closed to allow the Eye and the Ear to relate of their pre~cosmic Glow. Art is for those whose senses flirt with Stillness and Breath, alternately… Art is Bliss’ remnants making themselves known to pull us even more toward the Unknown… Therefore we explore, allowing the invisible hand to lead us wherever it may…

(c) 2009 Aïda Touré

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On the Edge of Union (the painting)

Salamalaikum, I just completed the painting “On the Edge of Union” I worked on it for about 4 months. Ecstatic union is the ultimate goal to the soul so with pleasure, I endured the slow development of this piece; the poem that offered it may be read here, the entire piece and description may be viewed here. I also composed a song that continues the painting, hopefully it will be part of my first album coming out soon inshAllah. “On the Edge of Union” is the invitation to attune to our polarity and to allow ourselves to surrender to its Source and to just flirt with the grace birthed of that harmony… If the lover’s soul tilts in the Absolute, slips in and out of it or dissolves, let it be; this is the majesty of existence unfolding… We welcome the Bliss of such love~annihilation, we revel in that kind of melting, that divine healing… Love is the Way.

(c) 2008 Aïda Touré

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NYU Islamic Awareness Week Exhibit ~ “Cultural Canvas: Islam Paints the World”

Wasalamalaikum, I have been focusing on much work lately but I hope to get more free time to blog soon again inshAllah. I’m going to participate to the NYU Islamic Awareness Week Exhibit “Cultural Canvas: Islam Paints the World” on Friday April 4th 2008 in New York University from 6-10 pm.

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Marundu’s Thousand Veils

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Salaams all, I had been away for a little while as my schedule has been hectic but I hope to be able to post more frequently inshAllah.

I also completed a new oil painting entitled “Marundu’s Thousand Veils”. I wanted to do something with the “Veil” theme to celebrate head covering. I have noticed that for materialists, it is one of the main reasons they despise Islam as they claim “the veil” is a sign of oppression of Muslim women which is strange I think because head covering relates to modesty, to the value of one self’s beauty. Besides, head covering is an old tradition that has been observed for eons in many cultures and this beyond gender and religions.

Growing up in Gabon, I can’t even count the number of women I saw wearing head scarves without even being Muslim yet they observed modesty and were graceful! So I painted this piece for this reason: to honor all the modest women on all continents who beautifully wear their veils or head scarves in face of all the prejudice they encounter at the work place, in educative institutions or wherever superficial, uncultured persons can not stand another people’s refusal to be whatever alien forces want them to be… On the part of materialists, this simply is an intolerance of a divinely appointed phenomenon: diversity.

There is also an inner meaning to the “Veil” theme in this painting: the mysteries of existence are hidden from our physical eyes yet the soul is immersed in those mysteries which can become perceptible by the Will of The Divine only. When this occurs, all the concealing “veils” lift and at last, we behold the true blissful Reality… so the “Thousand Veils” here symbolizes abundance, unraveling spiritual ecstasy, “dying before death”, the continual process of false ego dissolution for the surrendered ones.

Also I must explain “Marundu”! “Marundu” is the name of a Princess in my maternal culture. I used “Marundu” in this piece’s title as an allegory for the soul as it innately is royal due to its properties, attributes and its origin.

The poem that inspired “Marundu’s Thousand Veils” can be read here and the entire painting is here… and the song on myspace.

Many blessings to all.

Copyright 2008 Aida Toure.

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Arabic Calligraphy

Salaams. I like to share arts that I come across and that have this rare uplifting spirit to it. One thing about such work is that no matter how many times you lay your eyes on it, the effect remains the same, it transports you like a gentle breeze carrying the Word.

There is this young calligrapher, Abd el Malik Nounouhi, whose work has this effect on me, the sensitivity and poetic quality of his art is truly majestic. What I enjoy the most is the quietness of its discourse… His work reminds me bit of Hassan Massoudi’s…

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Al Fattah ~ The Opener (the painting)

Wasalamalaikum. I just finished this painting I had started working on during Ramadan. “Al Fattah” (The Opener) is one of the 99 sacred Names of The Beloved. I immensely enjoyed developing this art piece that seemed vertiginously well defined and nocturnal from the start.

I must say that the “opening” theme is dear to my heart because it’s the first condition for love, spiritual intimacy and the gracefulness of existence itself. The most amazing testimony to such “Opening” is the prophets (as) as they were able to convey the divine Message to us only because The Opener, Allah (swt) bestowed this grace upon them. The poem that goes with “Al Fattah: The Opener” can be read here… more about the painting here.

copyright 2007 Aida Toure.

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Art & the Mystery of Light

Salamalaikum. In observing the academic approach to art from the outside, I have noticed that the learning/teaching process often revolves around repetition and formula. The trained teacher reproduces what he technically learned and conveys it to students who eventually do the same. This forms a cycle of repetition that is expected, demanded and even sought after by the ego culture yet there is not much room for innovation, and exploring one’s true heart, its Voice and thus sublimity.

The Creation as well as creativity are shrouded in mystery, their robe is obscurity which is the highest form of light, therefore in order to attain it the creative soul needs love, silence, stillness; that way it can attune to its innate virtues, talents, universes and inshAllah eventually it can process them through creativity. This is why I always tell people who ask me questions about their aspiration to become artists that Art in essence is more of a spiritual discipline than anything else; an unending learning process that unveils as we evolve toward egolessness. In order to help mankind toward the natural quest for spiritual well-being artists need to first reach deep within their selfless “selves” that constantly is amazed by the wonders of Allah (swt). This is what “genius” is, it is the ability to capture “fragments” of this bliss we constantly are submerged into, no formal training can convey such depth.

The reason why some artists from past centuries were able to create works that spiritually propel us is because they knew how to shut their physical eyes so that their spiritual one, the heart’s eye could open and allow them to behold the divine beauty behind the density of the world. This is not a mechanical endeavor, it has to do with love, kindness, patience, selflessness and pure spiritual impulse.

I hardly ever look at the art works of most “great masters painters” who have been made popular by mainstream scholarly decree because they’re not necessarily the most harmonious pieces and it makes me cringe to experience the vibrations of their angst, distress and chaos through their art pieces.

I cherish the accuracy of the innate taste, its own random discoveries which usually pull us outwardly to admire art from our higher sense and not from the one that is dictated and conditioned by external sources. Therefore I tend to be supportive of the “underground” artists whose works reflect the luminous Mystery that can only transpire from a finely attuned heart. To admire their art works offers a fluid, intense and Eye-opening experience, all filled with light and this gift can solely come from the mercy of Allah (swt), The Master of all Creation.

copyright 2007 Aida Toure

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Sahelian Luminaries (the painting)

Salamalaikum, inshAllah all had a blessed holy month… the last nights of Ramadan were amazingly beautiful, al hamdulillah!

I just completed “Sahelian Luminaries” that was inspired from this poem in hommage of all the West African Muslim saints, sages and figures whose unconditional devotion to the values of Islam has helped build tangible or immaterial Empires for generations in our societies, hearts and minds: Askia Touré, Cheikh Amadou Bamba, Samory Touré, Cheikh Anta Diop, Abdoulaye Touré read more

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International Muslim Artists Exhibition

New Orleans, LA – September 10, 2007. The New Orleans African American Museum of Art, Culture and History (NOAAM) at 1418 Gov. Nicholls Street in New Orleans is hosting the International Muslim Artists Exhibition from October 13, 2007 toNovember 12, 2007. The opening reception is on October 13, 2007 at 6:00 pm. The reception is free and open to the public.

The exhibition features diverse works by contemporary Muslim artists. Fifty paintings from more than a dozen artists from five different countries covering four continents will be on display. While some of these artists are still preserving beautiful traditional Islamic art styles such as calligraphy, geometric shapes and decorative leaves, other groups have embraced modern art schools and have found them more effective to express their feelings and ideas. Meanwhile, there are some artists who try to find common ground between the two groups, using the traditional Islamic elements in a modern art style to create a universal unique Islamic art. All three styles are represented in the IMAE2007.

The exhibition is curated by Haitham Eid. It is sponsored by the Center for African and African American Studies and the Master of Arts in Museum Studies Program at Southern University at New Orleans.

The New Orleans African American Museum of Art, Culture and History is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Admission for adults is $8.00, Groups and seniors, $6.00, per person, and Students, $3.00.

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Offense of Commercialism in Sacred Arts

The richness of a civilization is determined by its arts and culture. When arts and culture are decadent, society progressively impoverishes itself and its inhabitants because only the spark of enlightened creativity represents enduring prosperity. Indeed luminous creations found in certain regions of the globe have always been signs of great advancement of the old civilizations that bred excellence. Even though we live in an era of excessive materialism and thus mediocrity, evolved creations still manifest.

At particular times on Earth, always appear phenomena reflecting a tradition from glorious past times which had been corrupt, destroyed and appropriated by mischievous forces in history. With the mercy and permission of Allah (swt) such richness often is recovered, it may take centuries in order for it to manifest anew in the world yet when it reappears it is recognizable because such grace always remains in the memory and historical records of these people whose ancestors witnessed its grandeur afore time.

Thus cultural figures whose works reflect different phases of the illuminated tradition which is as old as the Creation should know within themselves that no amount of money could ever equal the value of their contributions to mankind. The value of such rare timeless works can not be established on material terms, no financial offer can ever reward any surrendered soul for the sacred works it crystallizes by the grace of Allah Most High (swt).

Contemporary institutions that claim their mission is to preserve such rare, timeless arts no matter when or where they appear on Earth, should be the first ones to implement the preservation of such arts’ integrity yet they seem to do just the opposite out of ignorance, greed, elitism, prejudice, or pure intellectual dishonesty. Thus under such appropriation, sacred art can end up being presented as mere fragmented, commercialized products devoid of all the cultural depth it initially was conceived to convey.

I’m often offended by this notion of vulgar commercialism that is suggested toward sacred arts and culture nowadays and this doesn’t exclude the ego promotion that goes with it. This is such a contradiction because meaningful arts should aid to defeat the ego… In essence true artists are childlike, humble in their hearts which are consumed by the wonders of The Divine, this is why they create, they don’t create for financial profit nor recognition; these are mere accessories so the fact that these enlightened artists are expected to be seduced by some exploitative art dealers’ promise for “success” through vulgar commercialization of their arts is strange to me. Pomp and vanity are not the purpose of sacred Art, they are the downfall of it.

Personally, I’m more so concerned about the pulsating heart of Art, how its energy speaks to the human soul and if it does, how does this spiritual Conversation soothe and make their existence more pleasant and in tune with the Source of all… This is what I care about: the preservation and sharing of the tradition that reveals itself anew after centuries. I’m concerned about the legacy for the generations to come and the timelessness of the Conversation such Art can generate for all of humankind.

copyrights 2007 Aida Toure

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La Romance des Mondes (the painting)

Wasalamalaikum. Al hamdulillah I just completed the new painting I had been working on for a little while: “La Romance des Mondes” it translates to “Romance of the Worlds”… Its imagery came from a poem of the same title I wrote in French. I’m going to translate it tomorrow inshAllah for my English speaking people … It was really soothing to work on this piece, a celebration of the Alignment our soul constantly invites us to; it is this Alignment that all the worlds visible and invisible reflect out of surrender to The Divine … read more

“The seven heavens and the earth, and all beings therein, declare His glory: there is not a thing but celebrates His praise; And yet ye understand not how they declare His glory! Verily He is Oft-Forbear, Most Forgiving!” (~Qur’an 17: 44)