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The Prophets’ Gathering (14″x18″ painting)

The Prophets' gathering
The Prophets’ Gathering 14″x18″ acrylic on canvas panel © 2006

The Prophets’ Gathering is one of those paintings I worked on with great joy~ It was inspired by the profound awe I felt toward the Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Miraj/Ascension, the nightly journey through which he met the other prophets (as) of Divine One and prayed with them. This theme is one of my favorite ones because it evokes the Oneness of all prophets (as). Below is the poem that offered this painting.

~ The Prophets’ Gathering ~

The breath of Allah (swt) in you,
your heart swells with Love,
whirling in seven directions
to attune its own chords
to the cosmic flute-playing
Ruh (as) echoes through
everything like this:
Welcome to ourselves!
This is the sign of the Return!
I, broken loose to those words,
gesture in orange-silver like
the night sky that witnesses
the nocturnal gatherings
of prophets (as) and saints.
After this, no more station of being…

© 2006 Aïda Touré

The Prophets' Gathering
The Prophets’ Gathering 14″x18″ acrylic on canvas panel © 2006
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Feast of Light


For a month eyes will be shut to the external world so the self grows more aware of the Breath’s nourishment. The material dimension loses its grip on the soul that seeks to be with the Presence~ to be beyond all that is not, la ilaha illa Allah! Colors, scents, suras will be nutrients to the selfless self that dances with the prophets (as). The sweetness of Returning supersedes the one of not owning anything~ We are Poor for the sake of True Wealth, say:

my love, the Moon is out,
come sit at our table,
the feast of Light
is starting tonight!”

© 2011-2016 Aïda Touré

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Closing One’s Eyes to the World

Have a blessed Ramadan~ for a month, eyes will close so the self grows more aware of the breath’s nourishment. The material dimension loses its grip on the soul that seeks to be with the Presence~ to be beyond all that is not, la ilaha illa Allah!  Colors, scents, suras will be nutrients to the selfless self that dances with the prophets (as). We embrace the suffering of all children who starve just because some adults stole from them, we are with them, immersed with the humility that crowns innocent sufferers. The sweetness of Returning supersedes the one of not owning anything~ We are Poor for the sake of True Wealth: bismillah, my love, the Moon is out, come sit at our table, the feast of Light is starting tonight!

© 2011 Aïda Touré

“Allah ta‘ala, Almighty God, created the food for each being 70,000 years before it was created. There is no one other than Allah who can feed His creations. This truth was told by Allah to His prophets, and thus to all people. Any man who has the faith to absolutely accept this truth will not covet or plunder the wealth or nourishment allotted to another, either in this world or the next. Why? Because he will understand that each creation has already been given his own share of the treasure of all three worlds: the world of the souls, this world, and the next world. There are some men, however, who will steal the wealth, home, and food allotted to others. This quality of stealing exists only in man and not in animals. In the qalb, or inner heart, of man are craving, avarice, selfishness, pride, conceit, and countless such evil and base desires.” ~Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ra)

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Pearl of Religion: Spirituality

“Whoever knows oneself knows one’s Lord” ~Prophet Muhammad (saw)

For millenniums there have been deliberate efforts to corrupt the teachings of the Messengers (as) who embodied on Earth to help in the spiritual evolution of mankind. Such souls have appeared and continue to appear in all nations and cultures. Their very existence always seems to threaten the representatives of falsehood that seek to exploit mankind as their systems’ expansion depends on the plundering of humanity’s energy and resources. This anti-evolution phenomenon occurs on multidimensional levels and it has been ongoing throughout history. It is precisely this scheme that the Messengers (as) came to help us defeat, by making us aware of: our direct connection with the Divine Reality, our embodiment of all the richness derived from it which is what the usurping systems’ representatives target and covet. Every mechanism necessary is put in place to distract mankind from fully experiencing this timeless connection which leads to Enlightenment and thus independence from institutions of falsehood and exploitation.

For eons, the very field that has always been infiltrated first in order to establish the systems of dis-order and falsehood is religion; it is this strategy that has been used to invade and destroy great civilizations that bore light thanks to their high spiritual development. The purpose of this subversive tactic is to remove the spiritual dimension from religion so that the masses are left with a shell, emptied of its precious pearl; this is what has happened in many religious traditions that were corrupt in order to deliberately mislead the masses. The spiritual, feminine aspect within religion propels mankind toward the Truth/Freedom, therefore it has been consistently suppressed by usurping religious authorities. A shell, when emptied of its pearl becomes useless, just like the human body emptied of the soul-the pearl must be buried, it is the same with religion which is the shell of spirituality, the pearl. Without spirituality, religion becomes useless as it leaves mankind completely dependent upon materialistic, power-hungry religious authorities whose dogma for the most part usurped the authentic Message of the prophets (as).

As I revere diversity, I advocate respect for all religious traditions, yet we should not rely solely on the perspectives of scholars or religious authorities as we are well aware of the harm this tendency has caused to mankind. Sadly oftentimes, these scholars and religious authorities we blindly follow are the ones who have misinterpreted the teachings of the Messengers (as) in order to fulfill the agenda of whatever institution they were/are serving at the time. Their claim to be exclusive representatives of The Divine on earth is a scheme to subdue the masses, all of the Creation is representative of The Divine, with incredible innate potential to uncover.

In order to experience the sages’ message in its pure form, we must polish our Heart, the mirror of the Universe’s Harmony, it is this innate Harmony that the messengers (as) came to awaken us to and it is a reality filled with wonders! We must do our own research and seek knowledge as the Qur’an recommends us to do: “You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.” (17:36) Quran

In this sacred process of seeking knowledge, there are two kinds of resources:

– the tangible ones that are historical sources as close as possible to the authentic teachings of the sages (as),

– the intangible ones that constantly flow through the Cosmos and our very being. Having access to this  knowledge ultimately occurs by the Will of The Divine~ this is where the primordial importance of Contemplation/Prayer/Meditation/Remembrance comes in as these rituals still the mind and quiet our inner being enough to allow the individual to hear the currents from her/his spiritual soul, the breath of The Divine.

The state of Islam/Surrender implies harmony with Cosmic Law which is true freedom as there is no intermediary between mankind and The Divine, every one is a representative of Hu on Earth so this makes the quest for knowledge incumbent upon the individual, as there is no clergy, no institutional hierarchy in Islam; the individual is thus responsible for the development of one’s full potential and use of her/his capabilities which is the essence of Jihad/the Struggle. Being a Muslim means “being surrendered to The Divine only” not to any creation, nor any earthly institutions, nor any man-made authorities that have motives to keep human souls bound for their own benefits.
“If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have that within you, what you do not have within you [will] kill you.” ~Jesus (as) –Gospel of Thomas.

“If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.” ~Jesus (as) –Gospel of Thomas

(c) 2010 Aïda Touré

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HUnified|music by Aïda Touré

~ HUnified ~

Center your self
near the edge of Being,
be still like before life,
“there is no other than

Every atom repeats,
“You are the primordial bliss
that made the prophet

recite la ilaha illa Allah,
HU is the Light
of all that is…

Lean inward, listen
to the Cosmos’ Music!”

music & poetry © 2009 Aïda Touré

(This video was made for cultural purpose only.)

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Virtues of Slow Rhythm & Stillness

The prosperity of the soul is conditioned by rhythm, the slower our rhythm the more harmonious our life, our aspirations and our being. All of life manifests by a myriad of rhythms: our world, which is institutionalized to accommodate the boisterous ego and to tame the spiritual soul, mirrors a fast rhythm which results in disconnection, chaos, a very tangible condition of our dimension.

Every soul has the capacity to choose which rhythm to tune to and to channel, the key to such an accomplishment is the breath. If the breath is in harmony with the currents of the soul, its rhythm manifests outwardly in a peaceful, slow fashion; when it does, that state of consciousness is aligned with all life which is experienced as its own self. All healing and revelation only begin after we have adopted slow rhythm which allows the brain to vibrate on higher frequencies; thus it can mirror the Love~Light that pervades the Cosmos. Suffering, pain, failures are meant to tilt us into a slower rhythm, once we do, we awaken to our authentic Nature, to our qualities, our gifts, our true self and inner Voice: our Hidden Treasure; which reminds me of this sacred saying of Prophet Muhammad (saw): “Whoever knows oneself, knows one’s Lord.”

A spontaneous teacher of slow rhythm between human beings is Love. Love pulls us toward one another so that we learn to cultivate the deeper, nobler vibration of Life which is gentleness: its cultivation should endure and be projected beyond the object of our Love, it should perpetually expand until we shed our selves, our forms. Thus the eventual outcome of slow rhythm is stillness, the station wise souls blossom in and dance in and out of. The mastering of slow rhythm and stillness is the highest form of activity. The first condition to know one’s self and to accomplish the soul’s authentic works in this life, is to reclaim one’s slow rhythm. The usurping system of our world imposes a fast rhythm to mankind so that the life force is oppressed, which implies subjugation for exploitative purposes, dis-empowerment, complete amnesia of our higher identity and thus separation from our Source.

(c) 2008 Aïda Touré