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And Such Blessings



Love rips our egos to shreds,
lo! Our hearts grow legs
to seek the company of saints,
prophets and such blessings.

2003 © Aïda Touré

Poem of the book Nocturnal Light.

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A Sacred Lover’s Voice

Bawa (ra)

~ A Sacred Lover’s Voice ~

A sacred lover’s voice
is never lost!
Timelessly, it mingles
with the silver Moon
in whirlwinds only
sensitive hearts
can perceive~
Those who do hear it
always end up
with sealed lips,
soul prostrated
as a state of being!

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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~ Awliya ~

soul pulled to the Light,
their desires crawling
at the prophets’ feet,
they kiss their footprints,
ego subdued and tamed
by the torrents of Love;
torn open and elated,
in tune with the Qur’an,
they long for the divine gaze
upon their cloaked selves~
Their poverty has brought them
authentic wealth,
soul-breath echoing Hu,
they now disappear at will,
riding the sonar tides of Bliss
flowing and ebbing within~
The light caresses their cheeks
with its pre-cosmic Music
and they sob for days!
Only true lovers know
the meaning of what
was just said!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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A Fragrance from Paradise

wisteria-dervishes~ A Fragrance from Paradise ~

Being a mystic is a temperament,
it cannot be taught nor learned
it is inherent to the soul
like a fragrance from Paradise
one cannot help to wear.
When such grace manifests
in the material world,
tremendous beauty arises,
anyone who sees it
ends up surrendering:
“la ilaha illa Allah,
there is no reality but Allah!”

escapes from their lips~
Through the presence of mystics,
blessings abound and flow,
ecstatically merging with matter,
polishing it from inside,
turning it into myriads of lights
’til they return to their Source~
For now, let us revel in
this expansive divine love
that invades the poet’s heart!

© 2014 Aïda Touré