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Wangari Maathai~ 1940-2011

~Wangari Maathai~

You sang Nature is our wealth

while sowing the seeds of Peace,

now your essence is a dance

in the Fragrant Being~

Crowned with the golden leaves

from each tree you planted,

you are where beauties belong

and we, uplifted,

water the soil

you caressed with

all the love in your voice.

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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Rarely will we find humans who are kind just for the sake of being kind, for the sake of service to Beauty and all the nobility such dedication entails. The chaos on the globe is a reflection of this lack of kindness, it’s sad and disconcerting because it is more widespread than Love energy in spite of its glory being imbued in each phenomenon there is in the Universe yet humans’ lack of embrace of it causes such disharmony. Sometimes I sit here, pondering ways to make things better but beyond the responsibility of the individual to refine herself/himself into a gem what can be done if it doesn’t come from her/his innermost being itself? I’m writing this during a break I took from painting one of my most significant pieces ever… Tilting between the pure beauty of creative conception and the chaos of the world is painful. Right now, my thoughts are with the children of Ivory Coast, I know that it is only in the abundance of Light inside our hearts that Peace could prevail and spread outwardly wherever it is missing.

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Sahelian Luminaries | music by Aïda Touré

~ Sahelian Luminaries ~

Lit with a billion ecstasies
we speak with no words,
being one another’s lanterns

we build hidden empires
coveted for their excellence.
Look, the Moon fills with sobs

as our hearts turn to Love, lo!
The truth slips in and we taste
the nectar of Union; it is this

vertiginous sweetness Askia Touré’s
lips kissed, communities in circles
contagiously journeyed by to endure

the grace of Islam too!
Lights in human form in prostration
for centuries between worlds,

alternately from the seen to the unseen,
caravans of gold get returned
to the poor; Justice knocks

at every door! No one I know
would shy away such reality!
Tonight we stay awake to reap

the benefit of this Longing
slowly fed to us with gigantic
golden spoons: no interruption please!

Love is always unfurling like
the Creation’s ongoing recitation
of the Holy Qur’an.

Bismillah, hear the pulling in and
you succumb to the purity of Ruh (as).
We die just like this, before dying.

music & poetry (c) 2007-2009 Aida Touré

more about “Sahelian Luminaries” here.

(This video was made for cultural purpose only.)

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Tehuti’s Gems to Dinga

Greetings of Peace, I composed “Tehuti’s Gems to Dinga” in two phases, it was one of the most pleasant creative processes… the song is an homage to the human souls who reclaim the Tradition of Light, their treasure: the spirituality that has always been the reality of all Creation; this spirituality which gave birth to excellence in all advanced civilizations and which has been coveted by dark forces for eons, this spirituality that clothes all living things, that spark without which nothing could evolve, that elusive yet powerful spark without which no one could exist, whether consciously or unconsciously…

“Tehuti’s Gems to Dinga” evokes the spiritual transmission of this most precious spark which is ongoing since our precosmic condition, the prophets (as) gracefully spoke of it… la  ilaha illa Allah…  This luminous tradition cannot be extinct and is an heritage to all as it is sustained by The Almighty (purity be on Him/Her)… it’s only natural that we return to this tradition through the cycle of life and the greater Life which is commonly known as “death”…

In Soninké, my paternal culture/dialect, “Dinga” can be translated as “King”. Dinga is the ancestor of the Soninké people, he migrated from the Nile Valley to West Africa. In the context of this musical composition “Dinga” is an allegory for the innate state of spiritual royalty of mankind… Toward such a state of humble highness, let all of humankind converge; especially those who encourage the usurping unlawful system and the harm it has caused to Nature, Children and Mankind…

(c) 2008 Aïda Touré

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“Save” Africa Campaigns

Wasalamalaikum. I found this interesting article by Uzodinma Iweala that is truly relevant. With all these campaigns to “save Africa” I’m sure they generate a lot of money which fattens the pockets of some elite somewhere but all populations need help, not just Africans. All masses across the globe need assistance because they all are at the mercy of the same exploitative, elitist force and this beyond the notion of borders, color or nationality.

I think that what would truly help the African continent is a more humane system (shaped by our African reality, and not by our self-serving former colonies) that would allow the masses to finally benefit from the revenues of their natural resources. But of course we know that our “former” colonies diligently put in power leaders that do just the opposite… And it seems that when the people are blessed with a leader who implements structures for the welfare of the masses, he gets assassinated so when there is all this talk about “saving” Africa, it really is difficult to take it seriously when that hand that claims to want to “save” is the same one that deliberately causes the starving and suffering of children and humanity. When I see how some of the citizens of developed countries suffer the harsh reality of exclusion, exploitation and oppression, and this at the hands of those same ones who claim to want to “save” Africa, I realize that indeed the masses all are insignificant to the elite’s eyes.

The continent of Africa is still trying to recover from centuries of multidimensional plundering (including slavery, colonization and all the political corruption they imported) so the best way to help African nations would be to free them from the clutches of this fierce exploitative system that has actually supported the expansion of western nations at the expanse of Africans for centuries. I painted a piece about this theme whose title is “The Luminous, The Coveted“.

Sincere help is always appreciated of course, yet at the same time what we’re more in need of is love, honesty, justice, equality, compassion, truth globally and even more so in our institutions and bureaucracies…