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ONE WORD written & produced by Tajh Abdulsamad & Aïda Touré

tajh_abdulsamadFrom childhood, an artist whose voice has had a great influence on me is Tajh Abdulsamad, he was part of the Motown recording group “the Boys” in the late 80’s, early 90’s.

Tajh is one of the most spiritual artists I know so when he asked me if he could sing on a composition of mine, I naturally felt inclined to say yes; I was so curious to discover what he would hear in the composition as well as the way he would lay his vocals on it…

When Tajh let me hear “One Word” the-boys- for the first time I was blown away because his singing on it was so heartfelt and enchanting, it  had the sacred vibe I had hoped for so I was profoundly touched. I then learned a great lesson on creative synergy, the reality of frequency and on how honoring one’s soul matters most…

It was an immense pleasure for me to collaborate with an artist who has influenced me for so many years, thank you Tajh. You may listen to “One Word” below.

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Sublimity to Mirror

I took a walk in my neighborhood and saw this!

In the past few days, I have experienced a very particular atmosphere, so exquisite I still can’t fully understand it.  Sometimes it’s best to just accept that it’s okay to not grasp something and to just bask in it. It’s rewarding to follow own one’s heart and to do what brings us joy, for only attuning to one’s own inner being can trigger fulfillment which ends up manifesting outwardly as well; what comes from the outside to us, be it people or situations, relationships  start within us first.

I also had one of the most heart-warming lessons ever about the impact of creativity: I’ve learned that whatever we think and nurture does expand and unfold beyond time, space in a way we can’t imagine and that this occurs with such precision it makes me feel humbled to even be… so this whole convergence of events has triggered some new musical compositions in me, I will release them soon…

One thing I know for sure is that what we do creates some sort of waves that affect other forms of life whence the importance to cultivate light so that love and not chaos is instilled in those who share this space with us. We may not even be aware of the effect of our thoughts and vibes, yet they’re real, the study of quantum speaks to this.

To the refined self, Beauty when seen is recognized because it is familiar to the soul always. I think its manifestations at some point can truly be overwhelming yet and still it makes my soul dance… and I say al hamdulillah! Live in the world and don’t dwell on the world’s darkness, your heart has some sublimity to mirror…

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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Tehuti’s Gems to Dinga

Greetings of Peace, I composed “Tehuti’s Gems to Dinga” in two phases, it was one of the most pleasant creative processes… the song is an homage to the human souls who reclaim the Tradition of Light, their treasure: the spirituality that has always been the reality of all Creation; this spirituality which gave birth to excellence in all advanced civilizations and which has been coveted by dark forces for eons, this spirituality that clothes all living things, that spark without which nothing could evolve, that elusive yet powerful spark without which no one could exist, whether consciously or unconsciously…

“Tehuti’s Gems to Dinga” evokes the spiritual transmission of this most precious spark which is ongoing since our precosmic condition, the prophets (as) gracefully spoke of it… la  ilaha illa Allah…  This luminous tradition cannot be extinct and is an heritage to all as it is sustained by The Almighty (purity be on Him/Her)… it’s only natural that we return to this tradition through the cycle of life and the greater Life which is commonly known as “death”…

In Soninké, my paternal culture/dialect, “Dinga” can be translated as “King”. Dinga is the ancestor of the Soninké people, he migrated from the Nile Valley to West Africa. In the context of this musical composition “Dinga” is an allegory for the innate state of spiritual royalty of mankind… Toward such a state of humble highness, let all of humankind converge; especially those who encourage the usurping unlawful system and the harm it has caused to Nature, Children and Mankind…

(c) 2008 Aïda Touré

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I painted my next Piece to Yohosame’s Music

Wasalamalaikum, I have been exploring oil paint and I immensely enjoy it because color goes a long way, it sort of allowed me to uncover new layers of depth to the canvas… Oil takes longer to dry so I’m spending even more time on my pieces now! InshAllah soon, I’m going to post the pictures of the painting I have been working on entitled “La Romance des Mondes“… It was inspired from a Sufi poem I composed in French. I painted it while listening to the music of a gifted Muslim musician named Yohosame. Those who feel deeply spiritual music should check him out on myspace, his sense of musicality is out of this world and it will move you like some Sound you heard in the farthest place, a dim memory from Way before … personally, its fluidity reminds me of prayer, contemplation, not-being… al hamdulillah! When music’s true purpose is honored, it can be one of the most beautiful experience to discover it as it enhances our grace!

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The Persecuted Widow

I painted “The Persecuted Widow” to protest the mistreatment of the grieving. Unfortunately this practice is rampant in many African countries: ill-intended relatives and in-laws seem to rejoice when the head of the household passes away because it’s finally the opportunity for them to not only prey upon the deceased man’s children and wife but it’s also the opportunity to scheme in order to embezzle whatever property the deceased owned. Often times the children and widows who are subjected to such oppression can end up being homeless and destitute as a result of the abuse they endure at the hands of relatives.

In order to justify their vile actions, these relatives often evoke some flimsy “tradition” as an excuse to violate the rights of the afflicted children and their mother but in truth no authentic tradition on Earth advocates to prey upon the helpless especially in times of mourning, this is the worst kind of abuse.

The creation of this painting aims at addressing a serious issue which has more so to do with heartlessness, covetousness and dishonesty. I always wanted to address this great injustice that touches too many African children when they lose their father. Working on this painting was one of the most intense experience, it brought me great hope because even though the piece depicts the pain ill-intended family members inflict upon mourning widows and orphans, it more so shows the triumph of Divine Mercy which surrounds all the evil schemes ill-intended family members cowardly direct at children and their mother during the most vulnerable moment of their life.

“O Allah! You be the witness that I consider any violation of the rights of orphan and woman as an enormity entailing serious consequences!”
~ Prophet Muhammad (saw)

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Life of Light (*Aida Toure’s poem plagiarized & illegally appropriated)

*UPDATE January 3oth 2008: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT and COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: this poem of mine “Life of Light” has been illegally appropriated by a singer against my wishes and without my permission. The poem has appeared in the inside jacket of his album without any credit nor copyright notice to my name. To see my poem illegally published on his album click here. The six last verses of the poem are missing. The purpose of this update is to reclaim the integrity of my work. ~Aida Toure.

Soul intertwined with Soul
We are the glorious colors
That make up the world,
We are the Word, scattered,

wildly wandering materiality
In longing to mirror Beauty.
We are the planets in orbit
Which from the time

We are born ecstatically sing:
Welcome, welcome to Love!
We are light in myriads of forms,
Mingling with individuality for

The few seconds called Life.
Still, all together we are one,
Manifest and resourceful like
the Solar star and its lovers

That whirl to stir the presence
dormant in us: See, there is no
such thing as exclusion in
this immense Universe.

In your pulse, there is a teacher
who repeatedly whispers:
Everybody is you!
Hold a hand, help the truth,

reflect the compassion and
the love that put you in motion
As life stirs every nation
To the Return’s station,

embrace one another
Despite the current difficulties,
The light does kiss the heart
That gives, heals and sings!”

copyright 2006 Aida Toure.