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Art in Embassies Catalog: Libreville~

catalog7I just received catalog copies of the US Embassy permanent exhibit in Gabon~ Two of my paintings “Sama” and “The Prostrated” are part of the collection. Thank you to Art in Embassies.




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~ Awliya ~

soul pulled to the Light,
their desires crawling
at the prophets’ feet,
they kiss their footprints,
ego subdued and tamed
by the torrents of Love;
torn open and elated,
in tune with the Qur’an,
they long for the divine gaze
upon their cloaked selves~
Their poverty has brought them
authentic wealth,
soul-breath echoing Hu,
they now disappear at will,
riding the sonar tides of Bliss
flowing and ebbing within~
The light caresses their cheeks
with its pre-cosmic Music
and they sob for days!
Only true lovers know
the meaning of what
was just said!

© 2015 Aïda Touré

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Aïda Touré: Luminous Dark Matter Opening Reception

Thank you to those who attended the “Luminous Dark Matter” opening, it was a pleasure to meet each one of you~ The exhibit runs until February 28th at Rio Gallery II, 583 Riverside drive, New York.

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Dervisha © 2008 Aida Toure

Dervisha details © 2008 Aida Toure

The poem below inspired this highly detailed painting Dervisha. If you are interested in purchasing this framed original painting, contact me.

~ Dervisha ~

I met your pure eyes
and I became myself,
your sight behind mine
looking at lights’ dance.

With such remote music
lingering on that close,
the human heart softens.

Look at my new weakness,
it’s crawling by your feet!

Being is that vast union,
that grace, that quietness.

Some secret Conversation
curls around us like locks
around Prophets’ earlobes.

Bless me, make speech go!
How many more will join

this love-community
of generous ears inside?
Let us beg them my love:

“Be true beingness.
realize your exuberance,
embrace the Essence and
watch all generous hearts
become your companions.
Remember in one, many!
Strive to be vulnerable,
touch the grace of femininity,
drown in the empty,
swim that deeply,
know Surrender;
fight to be that weak
so you can sense
what true strength is.

Then we fall back within,
inertia buoyantly begins
for the Sky leaps in …
Lo, we all are feminine!”

2007 © Aïda Touré

(excerpt from Nocturnal Light: Sufi Poems)

Read more about this painting.


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Unless their Heart is Pure


“Beauty deliberately withdraws and curls around itself in the presence of possessive energy for Beauty is too subtle, it is elusive, it can not be captured, it can only be admired, it can be breathed… It takes reverence, patience and pure intention to know Beauty which is like a precious, shy child who will not allow anyone to draw closer unless their heart is pure.” ~Aïda Touré

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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In Praise of The Beloved…

Touré at work on "The Milky Way's Savants"

Touré at work on “The Milky Way’s Savants”

“The act of painting has been unexpected for me. Just like the composition of my poetry, it suddenly happened after a period of retreat… Having had no conventional training, it is through the luminous corridor of Islamic tradition and my Malian~Gabonese cultures that my pens and paint brushes wander in praise of The Beloved.”
~Aïda Touré (excerpt of “statement”)

(More about the painting “The Milky Way’s Savants” here.)


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Supreme Sustenance

sustenance2Prayer is conducive to our primordial state of being and when awakened to it, life becomes ecstatic and what a blessing when this occurs! Some of us have a highly meditative disposition which draws one to find fulfillment through focus on inner life primarily.  The external world is perceived more as a distraction for such beings who are inclined to stillness and silence.

Beyond all material needs, beyond social standards of “success” the only authentic wealth is in the soul~ Therefore in order to experience it, we must tune in to the Source of the soul which is Al Nur, the Light and once awakened anew to that Reality, our Jihad is to preserve it in us and express it in a world that has such oppressive demands. This spiritual preservation of one’s inner light is what meditation and fasting facilitate as they gently activate our awareness to supreme sustenance.

The Jihad/struggle to cultivate a surrendered soul, rich with Love is the foundation for complete fulfillment in life and beyond for without it whatever we acquire in this world is meaningless, cumbersome because we are ever returning to the Unseen~ If the soul is fine and fully aligned with the Beloved’s Divine Principles, it is the ultimate form of security and inshAllah whatever such a soul needs to fulfill its purpose will be provided for…

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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