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Unless their Heart is Pure


“Beauty deliberately withdraws and curls around itself in the presence of possessive energy for Beauty is too subtle, it is elusive, it can not be captured, it can only be admired, it can be breathed… It takes reverence, patience and pure intention to know Beauty which is like a precious, shy child who will not allow anyone to draw closer unless their heart is pure.” ~Aïda Touré

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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The Ego’s Desire to Control

lights~ The Ego’s Desire to Control ~

Love ignites billions of lights,
lo! The desire to control puts them out.
The Sufi seeks to control himself, not others.
The need to control is an inclination of the ego.
Presence, out of Love, knows not to control,
but to nurture with the manna of softness
for it understands the soul’s sacredness,
as well as its divinely-granted free will.
Control is a typical symptom of the creation
in its state of non-refinement and attachment.
Exercising control on others is for those
who claim authority like the clergy,
the politicians, the power-hungry
scholars and the coveters of Gifts.
A Sufi does not claim authority,
her/his existence transpires
with the sweet cosmic Sound
“La ilaha illa Allah,
there is only The Divine One~”
In such a state of abandonment,
how can there be any room for control?
No true saint ever sought
to control other beings,
that’s why souls flock to them,
eager to know the grace of Freedom
their blessed presence offers.
Having tasted the nectar of Surrender,
the holy ones rather seek to break
the chains of control established by men
who misinterpret the Divine Law
through the dust-covered lenses of their ego,
the very root of the world’s chaos
surged from the ego’s desire to control~

© 2013 Aïda Touré

“They have taken their scholars and monks as lords besides Allah…” ~9:31 Qur’an

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All Notions of Space Vanish

There is a Love dimension the soul wanders, unceasingly, without any outside interference, without any of the restless currents  the widespread mundane mindset mistakenly presents as Love, yet it is not. Love does not disturb, it does not seek to capture nor to own, Love is vast, it looks upon another as an extension of itself from a sublime angle that only the consummate lover knows and understands. In that station, all notions of space vanish, all bounds dissolve; wherever one is, gentleness becomes the sole atmosphere there is, it is lavish too! It rotates around you, within you, with some tender energy that mirrors the Spheres’.

Such a sacred experience that drowns the outside world’s noise is a glorious ongoing Revelation, similar to the Sun, it heals so it is the kind of cultivation we should acknowledge and echo. As rare and precious as it is, it offers itself beyond language, beyond form and beyond all human considerations…

© 2008-2012 Aïda Touré

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Creativity & External Validation

© 2012 Aida Toure’

In materialistic cultures, creatives are conditioned to seek external validation whereas creativity is an inner endeavor, impulsed by the cosmic movements called Love~ Creativity is a grand manifestation of divine Love and Freedom, to approach it with the quest for fame in mind defeats its sacred purpose.

With creativity, one learns the cultivation of sublime intimacy as a constant state of being, there is nothing more beautiful than this as consciously, one works at being present with Love itself in a consistent way~ Once one understands this, there no longer is room for ego desires or attachments such as fortune or fame since the soul is fully fulfilled in its expansion and all that it brings. As a matter of fact, the pursuit for external validation with its restlessness tends to thwart the creative process and to taint the artist, it can be highly destructive… There is so much that comes with creativity that one must learn to be selective and understand that worldly or institutional considerations are best taken with detachment.

Eagerness for the recognition artists are conditioned to seek causes them great distress since it conflicts with the very essence of creativity which is hidden, secret, subtle, sacred, silent and of The Divine~ Creativity is indeed a perfect and powerful phenomenon that offers itself to shatter the narrowness and weight of a coarse dimension, it is in itself a triumphant experience where Light reigns, it is the ultimate form of validation from The Divine to the human soul; after IT nothing the world claims it can “offer” one even matters.

© 2012 Aïda Touré

“Run forward, the way will spring open to you
Be destroyed, you’ll be flooded with life
Humble yourself, you’ll grow greater than the world
Yourself will be revealed to you, without you.” ~Rumi

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Untainted Love

Lit up Love… in progress © 2011 Aida Toure

“When faced with other human beings, we often have to resist, to assert ourselves so that we are not destroyed. But when we efface ourselves before God, we strengthen ourselves and grow.” ~Omraam

Humans and Love do not always interplay in a pleasant way, Love is and can flow through us only when we succeed in curbing the ego which majorly interferes with Love. When humans strive to polish their inner lives, they become like crystals that Love can shine through, when in this state it’s impossible to covet or to cause harm to anyone. Without this inner work, dealing with humans has always a dangerous element to it, there is a violent energy that is bred and cultivated in the interaction that becomes the very dynamic of the relationship; in this case it is not Love but domination  that guides the interaction and in time it is oppressive, poisonous. Sadly most relationships between humans function in this manner; the ego is inclined to stifle and devour the other whenever the opportunity presents itself; it completely ruins the initial beauty of relationships and causes pain.

One who reflects Love allows space for the other to be who s/he is and is concerned for the other well-being and what they could do for the other, it takes great surrender to love and to nurture the other, this is the disposition of the wise one, it takes another wise soul to be able to mirror it. That sort of self-effacement is mundanely associated with weakness, the pure beauty of humility, sensitivity and giving is often crushed by the worldly. To me it is like a resentment for Love itself, it is being destructive, and this destruction is not limited to the way humans treat one another, it’s also extended to the way they treat Nature, the oceans, and mostly children, how they prey on their minds to teach them domination so it is perpetuated when they become adults because without this energy of domination the current system of things can not survive. Therefore what comes to life between us in our interactions is reflected everywhere around us, be it Love or lack of Love, the latter is pretty much the norm which is unfortunate and unnatural.

Love is present in your life, awake to it, cherish it, rise always beyond the mainstream frequency, only this will reward your heart and make you rich for, greater loves will flock to you and this phenomenon will be unending… Love is extraordinarily divine! Bathe in it, taste it and spread it, fearlessly~

© 2011 Aïda Touré