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Cosmicity: New Book of Love Poems



Peace, I’m excited to announce the release of my new book of Love poems “Cosmicity“. Proximity to this reality of Love is primordial and communal, so much so that its quest transpires in all our experiences, whether joyful or painful, its purpose is to expand us therefore I will be sharing bits of “Cosmicity” regularly in the forms that manifested during its creative process.

A big thank you for your support throughout the years~



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I Am Ash, Spread Me!


None but you know that which
is exquisitely burning within,

I can see no smoke nor flame
but that innermost is lit!

A higher singeing unknown
to the common mortal

is tickling my limbs, lo!
There, some laughter in me;

all those who perceive it
always wind up crying.

I am ash, spread me!
I trust you and the place

your winds are taking me.
No longer lost in the self,

how softening that glory!
Now, I open my eyelids for

one last looking within us
and the galaxy is dancing,

O, this whirling in color
is conveying the Word;

all of humankind’s ears
wouldn’t suffice for this!

(Poem excerpt from Nocturnal Light)

© 2003 Aïda Touré

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Open Wide Another Soul


~ Open Wide Another Soul ~

Everyone has a higher self,
the breath of the Divine
subtly flowing through them,
do we honor this magnificence
and give our attention to it
instead of dwelling
on faults and mistakes?
By focusing on the best within,
we help the other to awaken
to their pulsating Essence
as well as its expression.
Is your love deep enough
to open wide another soul
while conditioning stifled it?
That would be true selfless love
for the sake of Al-Ahad.

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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To Run to a Sacred Love


My dearest one,
we learn to attach
so many conditions
to Love that when

a rare deeper Love
appears, we are lost;
not knowing what to do
with the gift since

its value is beyond all
the common, limiting
considerations we are
accustomed to; whereas Love

by its very nature expands
and thus surprises,
so how can we enjoy
its abundant virtues

if patience is absent?
The Divine grows Love
like a seed planted
with devotion in the

fertile grounds of
a disinterested Heart
that trusts what may come.
Blessed is the one

who, by wisdom, learns
to run to a sacred Love
instead of running
away from it~

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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She: 1007 Lifetimes


~ She: 1007 Lifetimes ~

She was so otherworldly
she just wanted to be touched by
the Yin sense in your Yang;
your guidance, your patience,
your tenderness, your true self,
your soul’s feel on the Deen,
your molding her, your teaching her,
your luxurious silence,
the solace between pauses
for Sorbet scents~
She, she, she longed to hear
the Music in each of your steps
toward the Divine Beloved!
In the octaves, ego is veiled from,
she is your sacred state
from inside manifested,
your lost Poetry found again;
she would have embraced you
for a 1007 lifetimes,
serving the master in you
she owed her every surrender to…
had you held her hand~
With such a beautiful Love
returned to its Source,
distance becomes holy.

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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Adversity & the Higher Self


All violence is the result of inner pain, we must remedy this by healing ourselves individually and then collectively, through self-Love, through conscious uncovery of the divine attributes instilled in our soul by the Beloved… We are here to express those attributes while the external world exerts its coarse energies against this innate cosmic purpose yet the higher self’s grace must triumph by experience with such adversity. This is the reality we all have in common yet the difference in our journey is in the way we choose to react to pain; whether we choose to overcome it through compassion, or we choose to be defeated by it through destructive patterns… Love is the Way within and without that will restore this realm to Harmony and Balance~

In this sacred process, Artists’role is of the highest importance so in order to honor this collective uplifting endeavor, I will share works by creatives I discover and who honor the Light within us that awaits to be unveiled to each one of us… inshAllah~

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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Music of Ineffable Beauty


~ Music of Ineffable Beauty ~

Love is a gift
that unwraps itself
in the Unseen until
it reaches the vessels
it is attributed to
by divine command.
Every wave that transports it
creates a Music of ineffable beauty.
Upon its reception
in the material dimension,
the quality of this Love results
from our heart’s condition;
the purer the heart, the deeper the Love.
When we understand this Law
how can Love not be sacred?
Like every precious gift
it must be cherished,
cultivated with consistency
patience and spiritual intelligence~
For devoted lovers,
Love is the greatest of endeavors
to undertake for it impacts
the very soul of those they bond with
and this extends to everything
created out of such a bond.
Lo! I just heard the command to retreat~
My dear one, let me seal my lips
for now the Exalted Assembly appears!

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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Luxuriance of Freedom


Spiritual artists learn from Inspiration to flow with the luxuriance of Freedom. This acquired state of Wholeness becomes an essential aspect of their very being and existence so any experience that contrasts with this natural occurrence feels hindering as it represses the soul’s inherent way of being~ In that sense, Art’s purpose is sacred as it is an alley to the Beauty of the Divine which is our origin~

Once the soul has tasted the nectar of the sublime Stream that animates the Universe as well as the awareness of the Artist, nothing compares to the intensity of such a Love~ It’s the closest thing to the Afterlife’s Bliss for a fragrant soul. Very few are those who have awakened to the Wisdom that compels one to embrace this Reality in a culture of distractions that numbs our senses with its powerful ego-based illusions. Immersed in the intense subtleties of Beyond, the Sage-Artist cultivates his grace and shares it for the sake of the collective soul’s exaltation.

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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Wisteria-Scented One


~ Wisteria-Scented One ~

I sit by the lake
of your being, gazing
at the unraveling sky
your heart offers;
from this sweet vertigo,
myriad of verses
surround every gesture
you make, O majesty!
How graceful you are,
my wisteria-scented one!
You lead me on the Path
of Love, losing myself
with every step that kisses
Mawla’s footprints:
with you near,
Heaven tastes like this!

© 2016 Aïda Touré

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Infinite Ways to Love You


~ Infinite Ways to Love You ~

All of my being
bursts with joy
when I see your beauty!
Stars leap in and out of me,
each stroking an harp
whose strings sing your name!
I take in all this harmony,
ecstatic over your humility
and your meeting yourself in
the Azzan* your cells chant.
Oh my, my soul says:
“Welcome to yourself in me,
there are infinite ways
to love you and you and you!”

© 2016 Aïda Touré

*Azzan: the Islamic call to Prayer.

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Love’s Unconditionality


~ Love’s Unconditonality ~

There is grace in relinquishing
what does not belong to us.
Letting go for a deeper purpose
implies preparing oneself
for some deeper fulfillment;
in everything there is a gift,
even in the heart broken in pieces,
there is Love’s unconditionality
sowing its infinitesimal seeds
as it chants:
“Let me BE!
In my octave there must be fluidity only,
all these irreverent attempts
to imprison the sacred
are the surest way to lose me.

I say let me BE!”
You see, Consciousness is supreme
and as such it reigns macro-royally~
The act of dissolving to allow space
for that which is greater is what
the soul, in its deep wisdom,
does best and we must follow~
This is Surrender: Islam by excellence!

© 2016 Aïda Touré