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Noblest In You


Surround yourself with
those whose Presence
encourages what is
noblest in you~

© 2014 Aida Toure

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Your Soul’s Secrets


This innocence, we both cherish!
You put your hand on my ear
to reveal your soul’s secrets
and I succumb…
The purity of your heart spreads
as if music in my tympanums,
I lay on the floor, my centers
filled with divine laughter;
my location no longer matters
the entire world is you…

(Poem excerpt from The Sublime Sphere)

© 2001 Aïda Touré

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I Am Ash, Spread Me!


None but you know that which
is exquisitely burning within,

I can see no smoke nor flame
but that innermost is lit!

A higher singeing unknown
to the common mortal

is tickling my limbs, lo!
There, some laughter in me;

all those who perceive it
always wind up crying.

I am ash, spread me!
I trust you and the place

your winds are taking me.
No longer lost in the self,

how softening that glory!
Now, I open my eyelids for

one last looking within us
and the galaxy is dancing,

O, this whirling in color
is conveying the Word;

all of humankind’s ears
wouldn’t suffice for this!

(Poem excerpt from Nocturnal Light)

© 2003 Aïda Touré

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Open Wide Another Soul


~ Open Wide Another Soul ~

Everyone has a higher self,
the breath of the Divine
subtly flowing through them,
do we honor this magnificence
and give our attention to it
instead of dwelling
on faults and mistakes?
By focusing on the best within,
we help the other to awaken
to their pulsating Essence
as well as its expression.
Is your love deep enough
to open wide another soul
while conditioning stifled it?
That would be true selfless love
for the sake of Al-Ahad.

© 2016 Aïda Touré