In Praise of The Beloved…

Milky Way's Savants 40"x30" oil & acrylic on canvas

Touré at work on “The Milky Way’s Savants” 40″x30″ oil & acrylic on canvas

“The act of painting has been unexpected for me. Just like the composition of my poetry, it suddenly happened after a period of retreat… Having had no conventional training, it is through the luminous corridor of Islamic tradition and my Malian~Gabonese cultures that my pens and paint brushes wander in praise of The Beloved.”
~Aïda Touré

(More about the painting “The Milky Way’s Savants” here.)


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Supreme Sustenance

sustenance2Prayer is conducive to our primordial state of being and when awakened to it, life becomes ecstatic and what a blessing when this occurs! Some of us have a highly meditative disposition which draws one to find fulfillment through focus on inner life primarily.  The external world is perceived more as a distraction for such beings who are inclined to stillness and silence.

Beyond all material needs, beyond social standards of “success” the only authentic wealth is in the soul~ Therefore in order to experience it, we must tune in to the Source of the soul which is Al Nur, the Light and once awakened anew to that Reality, our Jihad is to preserve it in us and express it in a world that has such oppressive demands. This spiritual preservation of one’s inner light is what meditation and fasting facilitate as they gently activate our awareness to supreme sustenance.

The Jihad/struggle to cultivate a surrendered soul, rich with Love is the foundation for complete fulfillment in life and beyond for without it whatever we acquire in this world is meaningless, cumbersome because we are ever returning to the Unseen~ If the soul is fine and fully aligned with the Beloved’s Divine Principles, it is the ultimate form of security and inshAllah whatever such a soul needs to fulfill its purpose will be provided for…

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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Seventh Dimension Love

Wearable painting by Aida Toure

wearable painting

~ Seventh Dimension Love ~

Love is the union of divine qualities,
the hidden suddenly revealed
tending to ineffable beauty;
the lotus that leaps out of
the lover’s soul as an offering
to the collective soul…

© 2011-2014 Aïda  Touré

This all handmade, hand-painted cuff bracelet is available for purchase here.

pink velvet backing

pink velvet backing

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The Bliss of Tawhid

The stiller you are,
the deeper Light
dances through you
and draws others to Itself
to evidence the bliss of Tawhid~
This intimate gathering is
the purpose of your being,
one verse comes to mind:
“And you shall all return!”
This divine mystery’s sign
is tremendous Grace,
anyone who sees it
completely falls in love
with the Beloved.

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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Feast of Light


For a month eyes will be shut to the external world so the self grows more aware of the Breath’s nourishment. The material dimension loses its grip on the soul that seeks to be with the Presence~ to be beyond all that is not, la ilaha illa Allah! Colors, scents, suras will be nutrients to the selfless self that dances with the prophets (as). The sweetness of Returning supersedes the one of not owning anything~ We are Poor for the sake of True Wealth, say:

my love, the Moon is out,
come sit at our table,
the feast of Light
is starting tonight!

© 2011-2014 Aïda Touré

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All Your Inner Doors

My precious love,
may all your inner doors
to the Infinite Treasure
open during this Ramadan~

© 2014 Aïda Touré


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Nothing Other than You

Nothing Other than You - jewel by Aïda Touré

Nothing Other than You – jewel by Aïda Touré

~Nothing Other than You~

There are infinite ways
to near the Beloved,
bead after bead
revolving like micro spheres
in reverence,
the heart tears open,
leaning toward Hu
and we lose our selves:
“there is nothing other than You!”

© 2010 Aïda Touré

Collectible & unique wearable painting, all hand-made & hand-painted cuff bracelet by Aïda Touré.

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jewel details

jewel details


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