Colors: Keys to Your Higher Being~



Colors are divine, they are attributes of Love, study them and their healing properties so that you learn to create the proper atmospheres for your higher being to be revealed~

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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Through the Door of Self


~ Through the Door of Self ~

If you want to be loved,
be loving, be beyond facade,
manipulation and all the schemes
the ego makes up out of fear~
Get through the door of self to know Bliss!

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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A Thousand Scented Rugs


~ A Thousand Scented Rugs ~

In this ego-driven world,
the refinement of your Surrender
stands out, unfolds, unravels
like a thousand scented rugs
the Unseen offers to hearts
softened by Ar-Rahman,
the very Beauty of all worlds~

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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Come to the Divine

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque

~ Come to the Divine ~

Enter the circle of the Heart
where the guided ones gather
in awe of the Majestic One,
hear the cosmic azzan:
Come, come, come,
come to The Divine,
come, come, come
let us praise The One;
come, come, come
bow to The Most Beautiful One;
come, come, come
to the inner Mosque
where only Allahu spreads
His Infinite Love!

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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The Music of the Spheres

La Note Orange~ guitar art © Aïda Touré

La Note Orange~ guitar art © 2014 Aïda Touré

~ The Music of the Spheres ~

When you begin to hear
the Music of the Spheres,
you can’t help
but to observe
Silence and to lead
a reverent Life~
Awaken my dear,
find the way
to yourself,
come to the Essence,
come to Love
in its sublimest form~
Learn to read
the divine notes
that ornate your soul~

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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The Artist’s Hands and Heart

3 art pieces

3 art pieces~ © 2014 Aïda Touré

I’m often emailed questions about creativity and inspiration so in response I’d like to share a few thoughts here.

When it comes to the creative process, I have never been into formula because I believe in the manifestation of higher Knowledge and in order for the brain to receive it, it needs to be free from conformity to old patterns and rules so I say break all patterns, break these molds that no longer serve our evolution, break these mundane learned rules that restrain the soul’s voice and watch your creativity expand and become what it was truly intended to be…

With the Will of the Divine, the human soul has the capacity to channel certain degrees of Knowledge that will materialize through different mediums depending on the individual soul’s specific purpose as well as the collective need for these uplifting expressions. The selfless artist has no control over that level of revelation, s/he is just a vehicle through which flows these specific expressions…

In the exaltation of collective consciousness so much takes place in the act of artistic creations such as writing (holding a pen) or painting (holding a paintbrush) or music (holding a musical instrument) or even the molding of clay! Our hands act as antennae to subtler realities and our fingertips are directly connected to the heart so the life force that flows through them is deliberate and purposeful~ Yet the outcome of artistic creation is but a reflection of the heart’s spiritual condition.

With the ongoing cosmic unfolding we are immersed in, the artist must learn to surpass any worldly conditioning and to become empty so that s/he can truly birth the very beauty and love our souls need to see manifested for our evolution. In this world, the highest examples for emptiness were the prophets (peace be on them); by being purely empty, they were thus able to become receptacles for the most sublime light that uplifts humanity to this day~

© 2014 Aïda Touré

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Only Hu~ Jewel


“Only Hu” 6″x3″ cuff bracelet with pink velvet backing

From the splendid Islamic civilization of my father’s land Mali, I was inspired to conceive these jewels, all hand-made and hand-painted, they actually are miniature versions of my paintings in the form of cuff bracelets. I spend much time working on these unique art pieces simply because the experience of Beauty is such a source of joy for me, it is in this spirit that I aspire to share it.

This wearable painting is available for purchase here.


The Beloved’s name~



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