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Soft Light


There is a soft light
your forehead sheds,
every time I see it
I long for fasting and
the quiet of not-being.

2003 © Aïda Touré

Poem of the book Nocturnal Light.


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The Enlightened Soul


~ The Enlightened Soul ~

Taqwah* is Queen,
Love is King
Heart is the Throne
and the Crown is
the enlightened soul~

© 2017 Aïda Touré

*Taqwah is the state of being God-conscious.

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The Freest


Be with the One
who makes you feel
the freest~

© 2017 Aïda Touré

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Letting Go


In letting go,
there is a grace
that cleanses the soul~

© 2017 Aïda Touré


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Noblest In You


Surround yourself with
those whose Presence
encourages what is
noblest in you~

© 2014 Aida Toure

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Your Soul’s Secrets


This innocence, we both cherish!
You put your hand on my ear
to reveal your soul’s secrets
and I succumb…
The purity of your heart spreads
as if music in my tympanums,
I lay on the floor, my centers
filled with divine laughter;
my location no longer matters
the entire world is you…

(Poem excerpt from The Sublime Sphere)

© 2001 Aïda Touré

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Pulled to Prayer


~ Pulled to Prayer ~

A holy love is approaching:
between your eyes, a sun,
I look shyly as it strikes me
with some gentleness that
throws me to the ground,
the humbling haven
of vertiginous minds.
Every breath taken,
the Qur’an descends again:
every surah, a blessing
the unseen and the seen recite
for our heart to be purified.
The motions of planets
are prostrations too!
The very phenomenon
of gravity weaves an
unending prayer mat for
all humanity but we understand not
such bewildering subtlety.
Shadows of men know better,
from sunset to break of dawn,
prayerful, they bow in obedience
upon the diaphanous rug.
One who has intelligence
models himself after the Prophets,
alayhum salam.

(Poem excerpt from Nocturnal Light)

© 2003 Aïda Touré

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